FUSE Curator-in-Residence

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ABOVE: Neda Rahmani is a local artist, composer, director and storyteller, facilitator and mentor. Neda is curating the closing event for FUSE Autumn 2022, and in our exclusive video, she explains how you too can become a FUSE curator.

FUSE Curator-in-Residence: Express Your Interest

Our Curator-in-Residence program is here! If you have the passion to curate our Autumn Opening Event in March 2022, then FUSE want you to stand up and be counted. 

In a nutshell, we're seeking a bold individual or collective from Darebin—who practices Rituals and Ritual-Making in any artistic discipline—to be our next Curator-in-Residence.

Here at FUSE, we openly acknowledge that artists, communities and creative industries need to mourn the current global situation and the havoc that Covid-19 has wreaked on our industry. We don’t want to shy away from confronting our grief, loss or sadness. That’s why we recognise Rituals and ways of Ritual-Making as one way to help communities transition into a place of healing.

By designing a ritual or ceremonial event for FUSE, you’ll help motivate and move your community to reconnect with art and each other. In the process, you’ll be helping Darebin's artists strengthen their networks, express joy and sorrow, transition after loss, and sustain their identity. 

The successful applicant will develop an artistic response that acknowledges the role of Ritual in healing Darebin, while giving voice to priority communities such as Trans and Non Binary, Culturally And Linguistically Diverse, First Nations, LGBTQIA+, Deaf, Disabled and Chronically Ill artists.

The public-facing Opening Event project will be developed over three months. It will actively engage artists that reflect the diverse nature of the city, and it will explore new ground through the lens of underrepresented backgrounds and experiences. 

Financed and supported by FUSE Darebin, the successful Curator-in-Residence applicant will build an opening experience that captures the highs and lows of a changed world.

How do I apply to be the next FUSE Curator-in-Residence?

You can apply via our online form or by emailing your application to fuse@darebin.vic.gov.au

To apply, you will need to:

1. Express your interest by submitting an Artists' Response or Proposal addressing the criteria.

2. Express yourself by including a biography or CV outlining your previous experience.

For submission requirements and the online form, please see here.

Deadline for applications: Wednesday 1 December.

About the FUSE Curator-in-Residence program

The FUSE Curator-in-Residence program gives Darebin artists and curators a paid opportunity to create new works within a festival context.

In collaboration with FUSE, curators lead the design and delivery of FUSE signature events, typically the Opening or Closing experiences in Autumn or Spring.

Curators can be selected via submission or invitation, and opportunities are supported with a budget to create the work. Also included is access to a producer with arts diversity expertise, as well as festival services such as in-house production, marketing and cultural consultation. 

The Curator-in-Residence program highlights inclusive and artist-driven works. Anyone can apply, but priority is given to curatorial frameworks that features artists and performers from diverse backgrounds. Works should explore alternative formats and lenses, and proactively include Disabled, First Nations, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse, LGBTQIA+ and Deaf artists – or any other artist that faces cultural or intersectional barriers to creating art.