Register your event for FUSE Spring 2021

Enter Sandman. Curated by JOF. Photo by Nicole Cleary.

Register your event in the FUSE@Large program to be part of FUSE Spring 2021. Now open!

FUSE is back this Spring, 4–19 September, and we're once again inviting artists, cultural organisations and community groups to register their events through our FUSE@Large program to be featured in the Festival.

FUSE showcases our thriving arts and cultural communities, giving audiences the opportunity to immerse themselves in creativity, collaboration and belonging. FUSE is driven by our creative community – that’s you. You don’t even need to call yourself an artist. You just need to have something to say and a venue to say it in.

Registration in FUSE@Large is FREE, and open to anyone to register a show or an event. Every artform is welcome, however for FUSE Spring 2021 we are particularly keen to see registrations for music, performance and live art events.

Remember, you don't need to be based in Darebin to put on an event, but your venue has to be. 

A few notes on venues: you will need to have confirmed a venue to register your event. It is your responsibility to source a venue, and any agreement you put in place is between you and the venue.  

If you are proposing to host a public event at a private residence, you may be subject to certain planning considerations. Feel free to contact us to discuss your idea.

If you are a venue or art space in City of Darebin, or if you are booked to present your work at a venue in the City of Darebin during FUSE, please contact us! We’d love to present your venue programming as part of our festival.

Before registering, please make sure you read and agree to the FUSE Code of Conduct and Terms & Conditions.

Got something to say during FUSE Spring 2021 and a venue to say it in? Read the Ts & Cs? Then REGISTER NOW using the form below.

Registrations open: Thursday 3 June 2021

Registrations close: Wednesday 7 July 2021, 4pm

FUSE@Large Registration Form - FUSE Spring 2021

Your Details
Venue Details
Event Details
A quick intro or grab that will sit above your program blurb. eg Experimental theatre company Pony Cam team up with a group of young artists to transform an urban car park into a large scale performance space. Up to 25 words.
A concise version of your program copy that paints a clear picture of what your event is. eg An immersive theatre experience set in an urban carpark. Up to 20 words.
Your full event description. 50-150 words.
Must be between Saturday 4 September and Sunday 19 September 2021.
If entry to your event is Free enter $0.00. If entry to your event is by donation, enter a recommended donation amount
Provide contact details for the public to make a booking, purchase tickets or enquire about your event. Can be a phone number, website and/or email address
Note that wheelchair access doesn't just mean being able to get in and out of the venue. Are there ramps or lifts to higher levels within the venue? Are there wheelchair accessible toilets? A wheelchair-friendly venue should also have specific seating or viewing areas reserved for wheelchair users.
For example, if only one show in your performance season will be Auslan Interpreted, please provide details for that one session (date and time). Or, if you selected 'Other' please provide detail here.
Marketing & Publicity
This will help us to seek relevant media coverage for your event! Select all that apply.
Remember, the media is inundated with potential news stories so it is important to try to make your event stand out.
This will inform our website's search function. Select all that apply.
This will inform our website's search function and provide audiences with additional relevant information about your event. Select all that apply.
Event Images
This will be the main image to represent your event.
Pixel size: 1280 x 600
Resolution: 300DPI
Preferred file type: JPEG
File size: 2MB
An additional image that relates to your event or depicts the event's artists or themes.
Pixel size: 1280 x 600
Resolution: 300DPI
Preferred file type: JPEG
File size: 2MB
An additional image that relates to your event or depicts the event's artists or themes.
Pixel size: 1280 x 600
Resolution: 300DPI
Preferred file type: JPEG
File size: 2MB
Please review this Terms & Conditions document before submitting your registration form.
Once you have completed all required fields, click the submit button below to complete your registration. You should be taken to a 'Thanks' page (this may take a few seconds). If not, check through your form to make sure all required fields have been correctly completed before submitting again.
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