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FUSE@Large Autumn 2024



Every Autumn and Spring, FUSE—the City of Darebin's multi-arts festival—provides a platform for local artists, designers and performers to transform our amazing city into a dynamic hub of creativity. FUSE allows artists and audiences alike to enjoy our streets, parks, venues, theatres, galleries and public spaces as transformative zones—infused with the power of art, culture and creativity.

As part of the festival, we offer FUSE@Large, an open-access program that provides opportunities for local artists and creatives to activate Darebin in unexpected, delightful ways. Think of FUSE@Large as your local festival where anyone and everyone putting on an event in Darebin can participate. FUSE works to remove as many barriers to getting your art out there as possible. FUSE@Large is open access, which means we don’t curate this programming stream, so if you can put on a show, we’ll put you in the FUSE festival program.

FUSE@Large is a chance for artists and community members to test, experiment and try out ideas in front of a local audience. It’s an opportunity to make invaluable local, creative, and professional connections. It’s a way to develop new material, push the boundaries of art, or find a new audience for an already established piece. 



Whether you're an artist, producer, arts organisation or Darebin-based creative venue, we invite you to join our FUSE@Large program. Because FUSE@Large is open access, there's no selection process. All you have to do is register using the form below.

Registration is free, and events need to be artist-led or place community, artists and creatives at the centre of their design. 

If it’s about art and community, and it’s happening in Autumn and Spring, then it's eligible for our program. You don't need to be based in Darebin to put on an event, but it must be presented in Darebin and it must be in line with council principles.


We will be announcing new dates shortly - please reach out to fuse@darebin.com.au is you would like more information about upcoming dates and opportunities. 


Since FUSE@Large is open access, you'll be responsible for developing, producing, staging and promoting your event.

As the countdown to the festival begins, here are a few tips:

  1. Remember to include the customer ticketing fee in your advertised price.
  2. Invest time in your program image, less is more, don’t overcrowd the image. Don’t include any text on your image. The event name will appear separately
  3. See other shows in the FUSE Festival program. Your FUSE experience can be so much more expansive than your own show.

Please Note although we try to promote FUSE@Large as much as we can, we can't guarantee specific coverage of open-access events. However, your event will have a dedicated program page on our website during the festival.

Once we receive your registration and have confirmed your event, we'll send you our Marketing Handbook for Artists with more info on promoting your event.

Your main point of contact is Bronwyn Ryan-Mercer fuse@darebin.vic.gov.au

Now, register your event below and we'll see you at FUSE.


Need help registering? 

If you need assistance or have any questions while filling out this application, we're here to help!

Don't hesitate to reach out to us for support in any way. 

If you require a physical copy of the application or would prefer to answer the questions verbally - let us know. We want to ensure that the process is as smooth and straightforward as possible for you. Whether you have inquiries about specific sections, require clarification on certain requirements, or need guidance on how to best showcase your skills and experiences, our dedicated team is ready to assist you.

Our goal is to provide you with the necessary resources and support to complete the application successfully. We believe in creating an inclusive and accessible environment, and we are committed to assisting all applicants to the best of our abilities.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need help. We're here to ensure that your application experience is positive and that you have the necessary support to submit a strong and compelling application. 

Register for FUSE@Large

Event Information
Events registered in FUSE@Large need to be artist-led or place artists and creatives at the centre of their design. If you are unsure about whether your event is the right fit for FUSE@Large please email us: fuse@darebin.vic.gov.au
Max. 25 words.

PLEASE NOTE: for publication in our program, we reserve the right to edit any promotional content you supply in line with our house style. We will do this in consultation with you.
Between 100 and 150 words.
Enter any relevant information that helps audience members to determine whether the themes and content of your event are potentially disturbing or confronting to them.
Will your event be presented in a language other than English?
Please include the date, start and finish time, and venue/location. Include any other relevant dates in the lead up to the event (for example, if your event has multiple components, or combines in person and online elements, you'll need to provide dates for each stage).
This will inform our website's search function and provide audiences with additional relevant information about your event. Select all that apply.
This will inform our website's search function. Select all that apply.
Project Lead
Max. 100 words, including connection to Darebin.
Artists/Other Participants
Max. 100 words, including connection to Darebin.
Max. 100 words, including connection to Darebin.
Max. 100 words, including connection to Darebin.
Max. 100 words, including connection to Darebin.
Max. 100 words, including connection to Darebin.
Organisation/Company Information (if your event involves a lead organisation or company)
Provide details of any compulsory billings or acknowledgements you would like included on your 'What's On' page on the FUSE website.
If different from Main Project Lead. Include name, contact details and relationship to the project.
Who do you want to reach? List the main audience(s) for your event and their characteristics. Provide as much detail as possible.
What's the main hook that can sell your show? Provide ideas or points of interest that media outlets might pick up on. These could be the concept itself or facts about the artists involved. How does your event stand out?
Quotes can be included on the FUSE website. Received any favourable coverage for other events you've created or been involved in? Please provide links.
Let us know if someone involved with your project would be willing to be interviewed about the event. Please provide their contact details.
Let us know of anything else that may be of interest to the FUSE marketing team.
Event Images & Other Media
The Hero Photo or Image will represent your event in our program. Please ensure the quality and resolution are as high as possible. Images should not be watermarked and we prefer them to be without writing for accessibility.

The following are the dimensions we require: pixel size: 1280 x 600; resolution: 300dpi; file type: PNG; min. file size: 2mb.

Label all images like so: Event name_PhotographerOrArtistCredit.

PLEASE NOTE: we reserve the right to adapt any images you supply in line with our festival branding. We will do this in consultation with you.
These will be used to supplement the Hero Image. Images should not be watermarked and we prefer them to be without writing for accessibility.

Dimensions: pixel size: 1280 x 600; resolution: 300dpi; file type: PNG; min. file size: 2mb.

Label all images like so: Event name_PhotographerOrArtistCredit.
Details as above.
Details as above.
Details as above.
Provide links to any video or audio clips that you'd like us to include on your program page. Include creator credits. We accept YouTube, Vimeo or Dropbox links. The preferred audio format is WAV, and video files should be over 10mb and ideally no longer than 20-30 seconds. Some video ideas: a short interview with your event's lead artist or curator; a sneak peak of the show; a behind-the-scenes clip.
Ticketing & Registration
If your event is free, enter $0.00.
Provide contact details for the public to make a booking or register, purchase tickets or enquire about your event. You can include phone numbers, URLs or email addresses.
Access & Inclusion
Note that wheelchair access doesn't just mean being able to get in and out of the venue. Are there ramps or lifts to higher levels within the venue? Are there wheelchair accessible toilets? A wheelchair-friendly venue should also have specific seating or viewing areas reserved for wheelchair users.
For example, if only one show in your performance season will be Auslan Interpreted, please provide details for that one session (date and time). Or, if you selected 'Other' please provide details here.
Once you have completed all fields, click the submit button below to complete your registration.
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