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Chris Gooch


Artist: Chris Gooch

Artist Statement

Funhouse is a series of Risograph prints inspired by the architecture of Reservoir. Each illustration re-imagines a building from Broadway and Edwardes Street by taking a few distinctive elements and building something new. The aim is to play with the familiar and the imagined, creating prints that exist somewhere between the two.


Kids on Broadway, 228 Broadway Reservoir VIC 3073

Artist Profile

Directed by Alana Thompson
Produced by Black Ant Films for FUSE Darebin

Artist Bio

Chris Gooch is a cartoonist based out of Melbourne, Australia. His first graphic novel, Bottled, was published by Top Shelf in 2017, followed by a short story collection, Deep Breaths (2019) and second graphic novel Under-Earth (2020). Under-Earth won a Ledger and Aurealis award. Bottled and Under-Earth have both been picked up for a French translation.

Twitter @chrisgooch44

Instagram @chrisgooch44

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