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Claire Djuve

From a Better World of Baking

Artist: Claire Djuve

Artist Statement

From a Better World of Baking captures the joy and colour of everyday life in Reservoir. A series of small objects, knitted with care and attention to detail, represent the most delicious treats the bakery has to offer, from a spectacular rainbow of cupcakes to delicious donuts.


Sargent’s Cakes, 40 Edwardes St, Reservoir VIC 3073

Artist Profile

Directed by Alana Thompson
Produced by Black Ant Films for FUSE Darebin

Artist Bio

Claire Djuve is a Reservoir based craftsperson who specialises in knitted forms. Operating a knitting studio form her residence Claire explores the boundaries of both commercial knitting production, patternmaking and design. She also knits commissioned works for local businesses.

Instagram @djuve_knits_

Facebook @Djuve Knits

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