Egmont Contreras | Triton VII

Lucky Strike 1, 2022. Egmont Contreras

Triton VII

Artist: Egmont Contreras

Artist Statement

Audiences peer through a portal in a shopfront window at an image that transports them to the surface of the moon. A collection of kitchen and domestic objects has been arranged and photographed to look like a lunar landscape. Peering through the portal takes audiences on a return journey, firstly to space and then back into their mundane and domestic lives.


Vison@Broadway, 301 Broadway Reservoir VIC 3073

Artist Profile

Directed by Alana Thompson
Produced by Black Ant Films for FUSE Darebin

Artist Bio

My name is Egmont Contreras and I am an artist living and working in Reservoir. I was born in Mexico and trained in visual arts and photography at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and Centro de la Imagen, both in Mexico City. Personally, I am interested in looking at photographs that tell a story. As an artist, I get a lot of pleasure from creating images that repurpose a range of common objects in unexpected ways.

Instagram @project_triton7

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