Matt Sanders | Natural Habitat

Matt Sanders

Natural Habitat

Artist: Matt Sanders

Artist Statement

Natural Habitat is a series of screen-printed flags that represent and highlight natural areas in Reservoir. Flags have been used throughout history to give an identity to an area, a population or an idea. Producing these artworks as flags, encourages greater pride in and celebration of our local surroundings, and of urban nature.


Lady Bower Kitchen, 1A Marchant Ave, Reservoir VIC 3073

Artist Profile

Artist Bio

Matt Sanders is an artist and printmaker who runs Nature Break Studio, focusing primarily on screen printing and illustration. Matt has always used nature as his main source of inspiration; drawing from personal experiences and memories of a life spent outdoors. As an artist, Matt is interested in sharing his personal connection to nature through pattern and texture while making use of limited but often bold and unexpected colour palettes. Living in Reservoir amongst the bountiful local creeks and parklands is a constant source of inspiration to his practice.

Instagram @matt_sanderssss

Instagram @naturebreakstudio


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