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Eco Somatica - Sound bath, movement meditation, regenerative moment for hearts, minds & bodies dealing with climate crisis overwhelm.

This 2 hour somatic experience takes key tenets from the Feldenkrais Method of movement based somatic education and expands them into a process involving sound, rhythm and movement to raise awareness of self and awareness of the eocological ‘whole’.

Participants will be lying down immersed in sound, feeling connection with the mother through opening up the somatic experience of self.

Eco Somatica has an ecological focus. how is it to be human in an ecological crisis? How do we stay in touch with ourselves and the Earth?

Grounding ourselves through contact with the floor, the pulsing rhythm of bass and drums and through simple somatic sequences of movement, we will gently unfold.

About Simon Slieker:

I am a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, somatic educator and DJ, passionate about the experience of connection between: self, other and earth. I use movement, touch and sound to open up spaces of exploration in which the participant feels safe, held and able to feel.

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Performance Saturday 21 March - 7pm - 9pm
Performance Saturday 28 March - 7pm - 9pm


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Darebin Intercultural Centre

350 High Street, Preston VIC 3072

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Preston Station


Routes 527, 552, 553
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