Guided Tour of Damian's Permaculture Garden

Take a guided tour of Damian’s permaculture garden which includes a diverse mixture of food plants and natives.

Damian has been enthusiastically practicing permaculture since he attended a talk by permaculture co-founder Bill Mollison in 1977. He is also involved in replanting native vegetation on Herring Island in inner suburban Melbourne.

What permaculture and bush regeneration have in common is that they both aim to establish biodiversity, whether building up microbes in the soil, integrating chooks and fruit trees or attracting wildlife to the garden.

The complex mix of species form mutually beneficial relationships, all performing multiple functions such as nutrient cycling, pollination or pest control.

Damian’s garden reflects his love of growing food for both humans and local native species.

The Backyard Harvest Festival is opening home food gardens for tours and workshops get you inspired to grow your own fresh healthy food. This includes include sessions on keeping backyard chooks and quails, organic pest and disease management, composting, aquaponics, and fruit tree pruning techniques – as well as guided tours of some of Darebin’s most abundant private food gardens and community gardens.

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Talk Saturday 21 March - 10am - 11am


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