Kat Laver’s guided tour of the Plummery

Take a guided tour of Kat Lavers’ award-winning urban permaculture system, The Plummery, featured in permaculture co-originator David Holmgren’s book Retrosuburbia.

The 280 square metre block produces almost all the household's herbs, veggies, fruit and eggs (428kg in 2018!) while using only 46 litres of mains water per person and 3.9 kilowatt hours of electricity per day.

Kat is a garden farmer, permaculture designer and facilitator, and will discuss how she manages her system so you can take away tips and tricks for your own space!

The Backyard Harvest Festival is opening home food gardens for tours and workshops get you inspired to grow your own fresh healthy food. This includes include sessions on keeping backyard chooks and quails, organic pest and disease management, composting, aquaponics, and fruit tree pruning techniques – as well as guided tours of some of Darebin’s most abundant private food gardens and community gardens.

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Talk Saturday - Sunday - 10am - 11am


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