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Your local market is about so much more than a shopping list!

What’s for dinner? If Lockdown has taught us anything, it’s that a full fridge is a comfort and shopping for food might provide the most satisfying event of the week!

Via guided audio, The Market Record offers an opportunity to reflect on food, where it comes from, and what makes Preston Market so special. Far from a collection of products, it is a collection of experiences absorbed through all of your senses. At the market, the people who serve you are willing to share their deeper and more intimate knowledge with you.

Engaging with people about food is an artform reaching back generations to far away places, times and cultures. Your local market is the lynchpin; the headquarters where those worlds of commerce, know-how, friendship and flavour come together in a glorious exchange.

So whether you’re already a passionate Preston Market regular, a foodie, or new to the community, you're invited to come along on a memorable journey. We’re sure you’ll leave with much more than just your groceries!

This is a solo audio journey using a smartphone or printed instructions. It involves an audio-guided trip to Preston Market's Food Hall for your weekly shop.* 

*You can participate during Lockdown provided you are permitted to travel to the market and follow the latest Health Advice:

"When you shop at Preston Market you know it’s about more than what you need for the week. It’s social. It's powerful. It’s about community and about connection."
— Dan Koop and Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy

Have you got a story to share about the Preston Market?

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The City of Darebin through Fuse Fund

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Wheelchair Access

Dates & Times

Tour Friday 17th September - Hourly from 8am-5pm
Tour Saturday 18th September - Hourly from 8am-2pm
Tour Sunday 19th September - Hourly from 8am-2pm


Pay $5 or more. Times tough? Pay less and participate anyway. $5.00 - Tickets in advance

Event notes

Solo tour begins with online content or text only information

Estimated tour duration is 60 minutes

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