Deep Creatures

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Nicole Reed

'Deep Creatures' by The Amplified Elephants is a blissful deep dive into a sonic world of freely associated imagination, exploring an interplay of electronic ambient sound, cinematic spaces, vocal work and poetry.

A young woman is called to the seashore by The Following (performed by The Amplified Elephants) – a council of benevolent interdimensional aliens. She dives down to a mysterious shipwreck filled with wondrous deep-sea creatures where she unlocks a giant clay urn unleashing the godlike creature from within.

She is transformed by this radical experience. The first single 'Shipwreck' draws the listener on an immersive waterworld journey. Cinematic sequences highlight a deeper dreamlike narrative at play. This ambient field recording washed track marks The Amplified Elephants ascent to the pinnacle of their arresting sonic abilities.

Their expression and creative language is made all-the-more ear catching through their lived experience and perception as artists living with neurological diversity. The Amplified Elephants dive to great auditory and visual depths linking sonic art; video art; deep ocean creatures and their own take on the infinite brilliance of the creative mind. At times ambient; at times oceanic; at times strident with powerful sonic waves.

The Elephants perform their latest work with a gathering of electronic instruments and sound-making devices distributed through a video screen-scattered performance space.

The Amplified Elephants is a leading sound art ensemble made up of members including: Teagan Connor: synthesizer Jay Euesden: voice, synthesizer, computer, kaossilator Megan Hunter: iPad Helen Kruljac: voice, kaossilator, synthesizer Robyn McGrath: voice, synthesizer Daniel Munnery: computer Kathryn Sutherland: voice, synthesizer, kaossilator Esther Tuddenham: voice Natalie Walters: synthesizer, computer James Hullick: computer, voice.
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Presented by JOLT Arts

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Deep Creatures 15-17 September - 8-9.30pm


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JOLTED Arts Space

342 High St, Northcote

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