Jemima Jones - Solo Exhibition

Jemima Jones gives energy to paper with organic forms that float with a life force of their very own. This is a new exploration of multi media work commenting on the beauty of nature and the depths of environmental grief

Jemima's first solo exhibition is a showcase of new, original multimedia work. Objects appear floating, suspended in the depths of the ocean or viewed through the lens of a microscope. These artworks draw you in and remind you of the beauty of nature and the importance of protecting it.

Proudly sponsored by the Northcote Lions Club.




Jemima is a Darebin based visual artist who is currently studying a Diploma of Visual Arts at NCAT Create in Preston. Their creativity has been extensively explored for over 20 years in many forms including life modelling, performative arts and photography. Main inspirations for their practice include patterns and textures found in nature and the microscopic world.

Check out Jemima's work here: instagram@jemima_jones_artist



The North Preston Lifesaving Club was founded in 2022 by two local queer crip artists.  They are committed to recognising First nations people as the rightful custodians of the land upon which we live and work and aim to prioritise and celebrate difference in all its myriad forms. The NPLC champions the social model of disability. The venue, art studios, gallery and community space have been founded to remove barriers and centre the needs of marginalised creatives who encounter limits to cultural participation,. Proudly disability- led, the NPLC is a safe space for artists to work, connect and hold public events. Our venue is wheelchair accessible and aims to meet the needs of all who enter. The NPLC is the first of its kind in Victoria and, only the 2nd disability-led creative space in so-called Australia.

For more info on NPLC head to their Faceboook page: North Preston Lifesaving Club

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Exhibition opens Saturday 2 September at 6:00pm Daily - Saturday 2 September - Monday 25 September - Monday - Friday 12:00pm-7:00pm Saturday & Sunday 1:00pm-7:00pm


FREE For enquiries please call 0473 205 034 or email


North Preston Lifesaving Club

677 High Street, Preston

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