Wild Conductors

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Unveiling Nature's Symphony: Discover the Enchantment of Interactive Plant Art and Soundscapes

8 September

FUSE Fund is thrilled to introduce a video release spotlighting the captivating work of Wild Conductors – a creative development of art, innovation, and community. This artistic collaboration merges the natural world with cutting-edge technology creating experiences that bridge art and ecology.

Wild Conductors Director ROSIE WOSITZKY-JONES and artist NAOMI HIGGINS have created custom technology that breathes life into plants, transforming them into dynamic instruments.

More than just an artistic endeavor, Wild Conductors' creations possess an inclusive and communal spirit. Individuals from all walks of life, regardless of their artistic background, can partake in the act of creation and explore the interplay between art and technology.

Proudly supported by FUSE Fund, the video was filmed at a creative development showing held earlier this year where the artists were supported to develop their project and test their ideas in front of a small audience.

Wild Conductors - Step into a world where nature's melodies intertwine with electronic symphonies, where artistry bridges gaps and cultivates community.

For more information and updates, visit www.fusedarebin.com.au

About FUSE Fund:

Through FUSE Fund, Council supports the development and presentation of arts and cultural projects and events from Darebin based artists and community.  2024 FUSE Fund projects will be announced soon at fusedarebin.com.au


About Wild Conductors

Wild Conductors create interactive, touch-sensitive installations using plants, electronic instruments and light. Using custom technology, Wild Conductors turn plants into a musical and lighting trigger, activated by human touch, responding to the natural conductivity of the body. Wild Conductors grow spaces where anybody, regardless of musical experience, can create with a sense of wonder and delight. 

With thanks to Neon Parlour, Thornbury.



Creative director

Primary teacher and electronic artist Rosie Wositzky-Jones (performing as Jonesing) established Wild Conductors to combine electronic music production and STEM learning, creating spaces where anybody, regardless of musical experience, can create with a sense of wonder and delight. Having lived, schooled and performed in Darebin for most of her life, Rosie has fond memories from the everlasting cultural vibrancy of the area. Now a local teacher and musician, Rosie is invested in creating spaces for new generations to express their creativity.




Naomi is a comedy writer/actor and an electrical engineer.

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Online Video Presentation 2-17 September
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