FUSE Curator-in-Residence: Online Application

Rituals: An Artistic Response

Rituals motivate and move us. Through Ritual, we build families and communities. We transition and mark important events in our lives. We express grief, and we heal.

Outline your vision for an Outdoor Ceremony or Ritual that could premier at FUSE Autumn 2022. Your proposal should reflect and acknowledge Darebin’s diverse communities, and it should be consistent with FUSE’s mission to present the ‘Locally Unexpected’.

How might your idea help artists to explore themes of loss, grief, rebirth, transformation or regeneration of Country?

FUSE’s Opening Event is scheduled to take place in Darebin on Saturday 12 March, in person and as a livestream.

You must demonstrate how you would deliver this project in line with state and federal government Covid mandates. This includes capacity regulations and considerations around the safety of Darebin’s more vulnerable communities.

In line with FUSE’s core values, you may want to consider the following in your response:

Vibrancy How will your event look and feel? What emotions will it bring? How will it excite audiences? Will it take place at night or during the day?

Connection How will it bring the community together safely? What is the shared or common experience? How does it connect communities with unexplored spaces? What could be the project’s legacy?

Sustainability How does it care for—or promote care for—the environment and Country?

Equality How does it promote equality?

Darebin Artists Which local artists will it support or engage with—and how? How you’re your event speak respectfully to diverse experiences?

If you have any questions, please email fuse@darebin.vic.gov.au or call 03 8470 8593 for a confidential chat.

FUSE Curator-in-Residence: Online Application

Support Materials
Please include a biography about yourself or your organisation that outlines:

* Your connection to Darebin.

* The diversity you bring to the project.

* One or more public projects you have curated or developed for diverse audiences. How did your project connect communities and/or explore lesser-known spaces? Who specifically did it engage?

* How you use collaboration in your practice with other creatives: for instance, as a curator, programmer, creative, artist or member of an artistic collective.

* A short history of your practice. This might focus on arts practices like: creative development in visual and/or multimedia arts; theatre or dance (including experiential or immersive dance); music programming; sound design; writing and literature; fashion; community/educational projects or specific art forms.

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