Register for the FUSE@Large Spring 2022 Program

Photo by Yunis Tmeizeh

FUSE@Large Registration: Key Dates

Registrations open: Thursday 26 May 2022

Registrations close: Midnight Friday 8 July 2022

About FUSE@Large

Every Autumn and Spring, FUSE—the City of Darebin's multi-arts festival—provides a platform for local artists, designers and performers to transform our amazing city into a dynamic hub of creativity. FUSE allows artists and audiences alike to enjoy our streets, parks, venues, theatres, galleries and public spaces as transformative zones—infused with the power of art, culture and creativity.

As part of the festival, we offer FUSE@Large, an open-access program that provides opportunities for local artists and creatives to activate Darebin in unexpected, delightful ways. Think of FUSE@Large as your local festival where anyone and everyone putting on an event in Darebin can participate. Whether you're an artist, producer, arts organisation or Darebin-based creative venue, we invite you to register for our Spring 2022 program.

How can I participate?

Registration is free, and events need to be artist-led or place artists and creatives at the centre of their design. Unsure whether your event is the right fit for FUSE@Large? Please contact us for more information:

You don't need to be based in Darebin to put on an event, but it must be presented in Darebin. To register, you’ll need a confirmed venue. It’s your responsibility to source a venue, and any agreement you put in place is between you and the venue.  

Proposing to host a public event at a private residence? You may be subject to certain planning considerations. Feel free to contact us to discuss your idea.

What are we looking for?

If you consider yourself a creative or just creatively inclined, a creative professional or an art dabbler, don’t be shy to apply! You may have an upcoming performance, a music program in your venue, an exhibition in a gallery. You may run an independent cinema, work in a creative studio, sell in a designer market. You may be planning gigs, choreographing a dance piece, hosting a poetry slam night, doing some beatboxing, holding a fashion parade, offering artists talks, running creative workshops. You might be organising quirky pop-up parties, wine and food nights, bike tours of local sights, dog fashion shows, drag queen bingo nights, book readings, silent discos, dance nights.

Whatever it is, if it’s about art and community, and it’s happening in September 2022, then you’re eligible.

Why join FUSE@Large?

FUSE@Large is a chance for you to test, experiment and try out your ideas in front of a local audience. It’s an opportunity to make invaluable local, creative, and professional connections. It’s a way to develop new material, push the boundaries of your art, or find a new audience for an already established piece. 

When you register your event with FUSE@Large, we provide you with your own dedicated page on the FUSE website, where you can share your event brief, event image, event information, ticketing information and access information.

How do I apply?

It’s simple. Register for FUSE@Large using this form. But before you do, please make sure you read and agree to the FUSE Code of Conduct and Terms & Conditions.

See you at FUSE@Large.

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