Ganbu Gulin: Q&A with DRMNGNOW

FUSE Spring 2022 kicks off in style with Ganbu Gulin: Imagining, and headlining is Yorta Yorta songwriter, hip hop artist and producer, DRMNGNOW.

Ganbu Gulin: Imagining is a vibrant celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island culture, re-imagined and curated by FUSE’s Curator-In-Residence, Sofii Belling-Harding.

Heading up a stellar lineup of dancers, musicians, storytellers, DRMNGNOW is an electrifying performer with a big-picture vision driven by First Nations liberation and sovereignty.

We asked DRMNGNOW to tell us about the inspiration behind his art and what audiences can expect at Ganbu Gulin.

Ganbu Gulin: Imagining, presented by FUSE Darebin and the Wurundjeri Land Council.
This is a FREE event. 2-7pm, Ray Bramham Gardens, Preston.

Please note: due to projected bad weather, the performances will take place indoors at the Darebin Arts Centre, next to the gardens. See for updates.

Welcome again to FUSE. Let's start by learning a bit about your art.

I've been writing songs in some form or another for 25 years or so. Lately, I've been more intensely working on my craft in terms of production and instrumental-based works.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Country, Ancestors, Community, Family, Humanity, Sustainability, Love, Hope, Truth, Transformation. Also, I'm inspired by those that have—against oppressive odds—really delved into life in a way that has been driven by justice, truth, love, healing and transformation. These are people that have not been afraid to show humanity a slice of something special that they have connected with—something that they feel compelled to share that is boundless, paradigm-affecting and visionary.

Tell us about your set at Ganbu Gulin. What can audiences expect from it?

You can expect a show dotted with new and existing DRMNGNOW tracks. It's a new-look set and energy that will be a part of my upcoming album project. 

What do you want people to take away from your work?

I want people to feel that Indigenity is still here. Not only that, but it's here to stay in a powerful, irresistible and transformational way for all that engage with it—and, most importantly, for ourselves. 

It's no secret that artists in this country have been doing it tough. Where do you see the key challenges and opportunities?

The biggest challenges I see are those around understanding what is the key role of art right now in so-called Australia. the challenge is to understand how art can be used to its most potent potential so that it can play a key role in nourishing and contributing to societal transformation. That applies not only on the individual and community level, but also on the macro scale. 


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