The Future Leaders Podcast: Episode 2: The Future


Episode 2: The Future

How is the future imagined by the future generation?

In this episode, we engage in conversations with children between 5 and 12 years old about what they like about the world, what they would like to change, how they imagine the future and how they see the roles of current leaders. These conversations are ignited by artworks created by the children when they were asked to ‘Draw the future’.

Don’t miss the online art gallery below. It features the children’s drawings, giving you the opportunity to travel their visual and spoken narratives. An orange dot means the child has identified that character as the leader.

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The Future Leaders Podcast is presented by FUSE Darebin and features children from Reservoir Views Primary School.

Produced by Dr Claudia Escobar Vega and Jorge Leiva.

Music by Jorge Leiva in collaboration with children from Reservoir Views Primary School.
Edited by Emma Peel.

Special thanks to:

  • all the children who took part in all the episodes and to their parents and caregivers for supporting the podcast, especially Emma Peel.
  • to the leadership team, Principal Steve Stafford, Assistant Principal Hayriye Ali, and teachers and staff from Reservoir Views Primary School for their incredible support in the making of this podcast.

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Below are the childrens' drawings for this episode. When a drawing is discussed in the podcast, you'll see a timecode next to it (e.g. "14:11" means fourteen minutes and eleven seconds into the episode). As you reach that part of the episode, click on the link to view the drawing under discussion.

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