Cristal Johnson | High Value

Cristal Johnson

High Value

Artist: Cristal Johnson

Artist Statement

Interviews with four local vendors explored the foods that have shaped their businesses and the personal stories behind them. One item of food from each interview has been transformed into a permanent bronze sculpture. Bronze conveys opulence, and the transformation of a consumable product into a long-lasting artwork elevates its value. This communicates the significance of each item of food to the business and to the Reservoir community, at large.

Location Il Pasticcino, 64 Edwardes St, Reservoir VIC 3073

Artist Profile

Directed by Alana Thompson
Produced by Black Ant Films for FUSE Darebin

Artist Bio

Cristal Johnson’s practice focuses on materiality that moves between contingent and defined outcomes to discuss how we perceive everyday materials. As an artist recently living in Reservoir, Cristal hopes this community-based project will create new connections with locals through generating conversations and building relationships with local business owners. Cristal has completed a Bachelor of Fine Art with First Class Honours and is currently undertaking a Master of Arts and Cultural Management. Cristal has exhibited in Naarm/Melbourne and abroad at spaces including: BLINDSIDE, Kings ARI, The Substation, and Takt (Germany).



Each has been translated into the vendor's language.

Ill Pasticcino

Lakeside Bakery

Phon Pi Sai

Vy Vy Bakery

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