An Update from FUSE

An Update from FUSE

Art is nothing if not adaptable, and, without doubt, these are times that call for adaptability in the face of uncertainty. Artists are responding, and FUSE is too, with a model that continues to support the creative industries during this difficult time – and beyond.

Unfortunately, lockdown restrictions mean it is not viable to stage our in-person events this Spring. However, FUSE will retain Darebin City Council’s commitment to supporting artists. So, what would have been FUSE Spring 2021 is now a digital and online event: FUSE Digital. Importantly, with this model, artists will continue to be paid at a time when they need it most, and art and entertainment will continue to be delivered to locked-down audiences at a time when they need it, too.

FUSE recognises that artists and creative industries need to mourn the current global situation and the havoc it has wreaked on our industry. However, we are committed to finding innovative ways to move beyond that moment of grief, and to forge new and positive connections with artists and audiences.

With the development of FUSE Digital, we have an opportunity to invest in long-term thinking around the role of festivals and creative development. Through the development of this digital version, we will explore more resilient and lockdown-proof ways for artists to engage with audiences.

This conversation will extend beyond the life of this current version of the festival, and into whatever we have planned for next year and beyond.

As we’re currently reorganising our program with the move to digital, please subscribe to our newsletter for updates as they occur.

We can’t wait to see you at FUSE.


FUSE Spring 2020 festival opens on the 1st September

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