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Looking back: FUSE Fund 2023

November has arrived, and we're thrilled to let you know that we're already planning FUSE Autumn. Stay tuned for exciting news and opportunities in the coming months. The Meet the Makers competition and showcase entries open in November - more details below! Before we jump into the future, let's take a moment to look back at the fantastic art projects and programs that made FUSE special, including our FUSE Fund 2023 projects.

In the past year, our community has enjoyed a wide range of artistic experiences. We've had interactive greenhouses, amazing musical performances, and thought-provoking exhibitions that have left a lasting impact.

A year ago, we proudly announced the six talented recipients of the FUSE Fund 2023 grants. These projects transformed Darebin into a canvas of creativity, fostering connections, sparking conversations, and weaving unique narratives that resonate with our community:

Jens Altheimer's Thingamabobs engaged and delighted with its whimsical inventions and contraptions, encouraging interactive exploration.

Rosie Jones' Hothouse The Wild Conductors brought the magic of music to life in a playful jungle that responded to touch, captivating audiences of all ages.

Colin Offord's Time Distance Music transcended boundaries, showcasing uplifting cross-cultural musical performances by a group of internationally acclaimed musicians.

Marc Pascal's Hold, Pause, Let Go! was an innovative project of light, colour and technology. This development supported further research for Pascal on future music and light projects.

Delia Poon's Exquisite Bias challenged assumptions, fostering conversations on unconscious racial bias and cultural identity through collaborative portraits.

Nicole Robertson's Reservoir Little Art Gallery celebrated art accessibility, providing a platform for locals to share their creativity and take art home.

These projects have left a mark on Darebin and created new networks between creatives. We are proud to have showcased the boundless talents within Darebin with these projects in 2023.

Jens Altheimer (Preston): Thingamabobs

Rosie Jones (Northcote): Hothouse: The Wild Conductors, pictured here with FUSE Keynote Artist Mat Watson

Delia Poon (Reservoir): Exquisite Bias

Colin Offord (Northcote) Time Distance Music: Music for the 21st Century – Tradition and innovation across time and space.

Nicole Robertson (Reservoir): Reservoir Little Art Gallery

Thank you for being a part of our creative journey.


Photo credits:
Image 1 FUSE News, FUSE Darebin
Image 2: Thingamabobs Wild Hardt Photography 2023
Image 3 The Wild Conductors, Wild Hardt Photography 2023
Image 4: Exquisite Bias Wild Hardt Photography 2023
Image 5: Time Distance Music, Wild Hardt Photography 2023
Image 6: Reservoir Little Art Gallery Theresa Harrison Photography 2023
Image 7: Reservoir Little Art Gallery, James Henry Photography 2023


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