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As any artist, performer, creator or producer knows, the pandemic has wreaked havoc on our industry.

As we negotiated lockdown, the festival model required a rethink. That's why FUSE held two digital programs during those strange days (Spring 2021 and Spring 2022), developing a model that supported the arts during a time when artists and audiences were physically separated from each other.

Some of those digital and online events are still available for viewing, and we invite you to explore their abundant riches below.


Beats, Ballads and Ballrooms: Darebin Live Music Venues 1955 -2020 Audio Tour

Beats, Ballads and Ballrooms highlights the City of Darebin's vibrant and continuing tradition of musical performance via an immersive audio-based tour.

Beats, Ballads and Ballrooms

All Nations Artworks Hunt

All Nations Artworks Hunt is an interactive audio tour taking listeners on a journey through the diverse landscape of All Nations Park, Northcote, including artworks from the City of Darebin's public artwork collection.

All Nations Artworks Hunt

Podcast Author Talks

Katherine Collette, from The First Time, hosts a podcast series featuring lively chats with local writers McKinley Valentine, Leanne Hall, Yves Rees, Kate McLennan and Clementine Ford. Delve into the writing journey with unique Darebin voices.

Podcast Author Talks

History On High

History on High is a self-guided audio tour along High Street — Darebin’s ‘spine’. Each section of the tour provides a snapshot of Darebin’s rich and diverse history, from its early white settlement to the thriving creative municipality it is today.

History on High
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