Stimulus Package - Street Gallery

Eternal Pools by Sonia Leber and David Chesworth

Stimulus Package - Street Gallery

Stimulus Package wryly plays with the notion of economic stimulus during the current global pandemic, through the commissioning of bold public works, presented on advertising sites throughout the City of Darebin.

Stimulus Package engages with a diverse range of contemporary artists, to consider: how can our communities come together to stimulate and support each other during these 'unprecedented' times? How can we meaningfully engage with one another, feel connected and inspired, and bring people together in a time where we are increasingly apart?

This is an art takeover and we invite you to explore the ordinarily advertising sites on your daily travels and consider how art can engage, inspire or stimulate you?  


Steven Rhall, Georgia Banks, Anita Cummins, Louise Meuwissen and Michael Pham, Sonia Leber and David Chesworth, Tim Woodward, Shea Kirk, Lara Chamas, Roberta Joy Rich and Kay Abude


Madé Spencer-Castle

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Street Gallery 26 October - 22 November
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